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I paint.

I excavate problems of painting.

My painting has a tide and a flow. It washes things away. I use washes of colour.

Painting is an anthropology.

My paintings are material articulations of the ontology that surrounds the problems and questions of painting.

There is a beautiful moment of balance in painting just as control transitions to intuition.

I continually push painting off a metaphorical cliff to find the moment of its collapse.

Painting is an arena.

I sabotage painting in this arena.

I want there to be a flow between the internal (intangible) and external (tangible) spaces of painting; my painting possesses space which is both internal and external to the canvas.

Reach into my paintings.

I divide space in painting.

I take and replace things. Things gather, I gather things, things sediment in space.

I like reanimating things: objects, memories, colours.

Removing paint is just as important and frequent as adding it, or pushing it around.

Brushes wade in paint.

Painting is a test of resilience.

Painting is mine. I can do what I like with painting.

Painting is a process of learning and understanding more than it is making.

Painting is like cooking. Painters are like chefs.

I play with my food.

Painting is selfish. Painting is absurd.

When the end result isn’t important, I return to a child-like exploration of making.

I need failure.

I can do everything when I’m not allowed to do anything.

Painting is, and should be, fun(ny)



2021 - 2023   MA Painting, Royal College of Art

2018 - 2021    BA (Hons) Fine Art, De Montfort University

Solo Exhibitions: 

2022, Colour of a Bruise, MAPA Fine Art, Bermondsey Project Space, London

Group Exhibitions:

2023 The Butterfly Effect, D Contemporary, London

2023 Untitled exhibition with 'Art Latinou', London

2023 RCA 2023 Degree Show, Truman Brewery, London

2023, Adjacent Colours, D Contemporary, London

2022, Art On A Postcard  (Summer Auction), London

2022, 'RAW', Soho Revue, London

2021, Individuals and Collectives 2021, Artsteps Platform

2021, The Geometry of Language, Leicester Gallery

2021, Not Necessarily Paint, Leicester Gallery 

2020, L.O.V.E  Art digital exhibition

2020, L.O.V.E Art digital studio exhibition 

2020, 2Queens Member’s show, 2Queens Leicester

2020, ‘Socially Distanced’ Exhibition, StudionAme Leicester

2020, ‘State of the Art 2020’, LCB Depot Leicester


Awards and prizes:

2021, Paget and Clephan Prize

2020, Riverside Festival Award, L.O.V.E Art

2020, First prize at the ‘Socially Distanced’ show

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