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I paint.

I am an artist. I make paintings as if they are sculptures.

I excavate problems of painting.

My painting has a tide and a flow. It washes things away. I use washes of colour.

Painting is an anthropology.

My paintings are material articulations of the ontology that surrounds the problems and questions of painting.

My studio is my stage. I will make a dancefloor for kitchen discos in the studio.

Painting and I exist in the same arena. We share a body but painting hasn't grown eyes yet.

Horses should not be painted.

There is a beautiful moment of balance in painting just as control transitions to intuition.

I continually push painting off a metaphorical cliff to find the moment of its collapse.

Painting is an arena.

I sabotage painting in this arena.

I want there to be a flow between the internal (intangible) and external (tangible) spaces of painting; my painting possesses space which is both internal and external to the canvas.

Reach into my paintings please.

I divide space in painting like the clouds are divided. 

I am interested in the space between the canvas and the surface of the painting. It's like a soup in there.

I take and replace things. Things gather, I gather things, things sediment in space.

I like reanimating things: objects, memories, colours. I collect ephemeral things.

Removing paint is just as important and frequent as adding it, or pushing it around.

Brushes wade in paint.

I tap the top of my beer can three times before I open it.

I want to fill the space in my paintings with as much as possible. Its aggressive. You'd suffocate if you stepped inside them.

Painting is a test of resilience.

Painting is mine. I can do what I like with painting.

Painting is a process of learning and understanding more than it is making. The visual outcome doesn't really matter.

Painting is like cooking. Painters are like chefs.

I play with my food.


Painting is selfish. Painting is absurd.

When the end result isn’t important, I return to a child-like exploration of making.

I need failure.

I can do everything when I’m not allowed to do anything.

Painting is, and should be, fun(ny)



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